In the mid 1800’s the property was owned by the Dietz family.  During that time the property was used as a tannery. In addition to the Tannery, the Dietz family owned a successful lantern company which is still in existence today. The Dietz’s tannery has been said to be “Sullivan counties first tannery of consequence”. The leather produced at Pine Lake was used to make boots for the Union soldiers during the Civil War.


The property was sold to Benjamin Todd. Mr. Todd was a prominent businessman who owned hotels, and inns. He created a summer resort on the property with the focus around tannery’s pond. He purchased the property in honor of his daughter Marie.


In 1904 Benjamin Todd sold the property to the R.H. Macy Corporation. The same year that Macy’s department store moved to the Herald Square location in New York City.  Isador and Ida Strauss the owners of Macy’s department store perished when the RMS Titanic sank in 1912. It was after that tragic event that Camp Isida came into existence which was in response to the sinking of the Titanic. It was created to allow all of the Macy’s employees, a place where they could go and get away from the stress of city life. Camp Isida had many wonderful summers on the property.


In 1945 the property was donated by the R.H. Macy Company to the New York Juvenile Diabetes Association.  The New York Juvenile Diabetes Association ran a summer camp program for diabetic children on the property for over four decades.


In 1994 the property was purchased by Pine Lake, and has been family owned and operated since 1994 through the present day.

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​Pine Lake